• Darlene Fast

What Hearing God's Voice Sounds Like


Don't you find that hearing God isn't necessarily what you think or hope it will sound like? Is it audible? Is it a talking burning bush, a finger writing on a wall, or something that we may not even realize is God whispering to us?

Life, at times, can make a person a little sad. It was a sunny day, my daughter had her boyfriend over and I was making them tea as they were doing art on the deck. I found myself very sad inside. I couldn't shake it. I made them tea and a little voice, a prompting that seemed to be saying "don't make tea for yourself, you need to walk" kept echoing in my head. Yet, I found myself setting three mugs out for tea. I made my tea as the idea of going for a walk seemed too hard. The tea was ready. I couldn't get over the strong urge I found within my spirit to go for a walk. I have never taken my tea out for a walk! I put my tea in a traveling mug and went outside.

I decided I needed to walk slowly and talk with God. As I started my walk, I knew it should be my long walk, not my short walk. As I was started to approach the bridge that goes over the highway I glanced to the other side. There was a person in jeans, a baggy hoodie over their head and you could just see that they had no body energy. The person was leaning on the cement wall looking over the highway. The person rested their head on the wall. The person placed their foot on the side of the wall.

A truck went by, slowed down, and then kept going. Other cars went by. I didn't have a phone. I was scared. I was scared for this person's life. I couldn't figure out if it was a man or a lady. Then the thoughts came fast and furious. Thoughts of Covid and and I didn't even have a mask with me. Would I even get to the person in time? Would the person freak out if I approached? Would they jump or take me with them? (Yes, I've always had a very vivid imagination!) Many thoughts were swirling as I quickly crossed the four lanes to get to the other side.

By this time, thankfully the person had sat down and was slouched over with their arms on their knees. I gently said "are you okay?" from about eight feet away so as not to startle the person and due to Covid. What a crazy world!

The person was a young girl. Tears were streaming and she said no, she wasn't okay. I immediately started to cry for her. Now I knew why my level of sadness had to be where it was before I found her. I asked if I could sit down. Yes. I gently started asking her what was wrong. She didn't want to talk about it. That's okay. I asked if I could stop sitting on the curb as cars were passing quickly by and asked if I could sit beside her, six feet away.

As I gently made conversation I learned about her life. I asked if we could get off the bridge. No. Okay. She shared that she thought she was a terrible person, how she had ADHD, PTSD, Aspergers and mental illness. She had just told off her Grandma who was the only one she felt loved her. Oh my. The poor girl. By now I had gained her trust. She told me her name. We could now walk off the bridge and we were walking to her home to tell her Dad how serious this attempt had been. As we walked I explained how I just KNEW I had to go for a walk, where to walk, and to not stay home and drink my tea! I explained to her that I was a believer and that it was God who told me to come, and to come now!

Just at this moment, a police officer pulled up. I hadn't been able to tell her about Jesus. God could mean anything. I wanted her to know that God loved her so much He had sent Jesus to restore our relationship with Himself. The kind officer then asked if we knew each other. He had received many calls about someone who was maybe distraught. We explained to the officer that I just met her and that we were walking to her home to tell her Dad. He asked the young girl if she would like a ride in the police SUV instead of walking. And then turned to me and explained that I didn't need to come with her. How was I to tell her about Jesus!

I asked if she would like my phone number and she could call me if she wanted to. The officer gave me his business card and I wrote, "Darlene (my phone number)

Jesus Loves you"

I had a very good cry as I walked away. I had listened to the sweet whisper of God. I didn't know I had. If I had just thought that strong urge had been nothing, who knows what would have happened to this sweet girl that day.

I may never know what happens to her, but God will. She has never phoned me. But, she now knows that Jesus loves her even if she had never heard that or didn't want to hear it. God works through hearts that are broken like hers and she may hear this message one day and receive His love.

May we all begin to be more sensitive to the sweet whispers of God that at the times just seem like an annoying thought that says to go for a walk, and not miss out hearing Him as we wait for the burning bush!